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ClimateBites offers metaphors, soundbites, quotes, humor, cartoons, stories and graphics for everybody who talks about climate change and wants their message to stick.

Climate Change Humor:
Gasoholics Anonymous!

Boy, do we need more climate humor.   I don’t mean cynical political cartoons that provoke a pained grimace.   We need the truly  funny stuff that makes us laugh out loud — or at least chuckle.

This 2.5 minute shtick by David Crowe,  “Gasoholics Anonymous,” is seriously funny.   Even my harshest critic — a teen jaded by 14 years of Dad’s lame attempts at humor — thought so.

Shared laughter releases tension.   It is therapeutic.   And it is often the best way to connect with an audience, focus attention, and “give the facts a fighting chance.”

For more climate humor, including a carefully-selected “Best Cartoons” collection and some discussion of why humor is so important, check out Tools/Humor.

Lighten up, and your audience will wake up.   We need lots more climate jokes, stories, and cartoons.     Got a favorite?    Post it below in Comments.

(Yoram Bauman, “world’s first and only Stand-up Economist,” tipped us off about Crowe.)

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One Response to Climate Change Humor:
Gasoholics Anonymous!

  1. Loved this video. Very funny and very appropriate and inspiration as we are striving to get this message out about striving to resolve climate change. It is important to take the message of climate change seriously, not our ourselves, and have fun while we get this message out to people.

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