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ClimateBites offers metaphors, soundbites, quotes, humor, cartoons, stories and graphics for everybody who talks about climate change and wants their message to stick. 

Climate Communication Graphics, Climate Change Metaphors:  
The real doping scandal: Weather on steroids.

Is the increase in extreme weather due to climate change?    This little clip from the National Center from Atmospheric Research (NCAR) provides the clearest — and most entertaining — answer we’ve seen.

For cutting-edge science exploring the links between extreme weather and climate , check out Doping the Atmosphere, and Extreme Weather Forensics.   For a “bite sized” version of the steroids metaphor, see  “Putting the atmosphere on steroids.”

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6 Responses to Climate Communication Graphics, Climate Change Metaphors:  
The real doping scandal: Weather on steroids.

  1. GaryB says:

    But what does this have to do with the Superbowl?

    I’ve always appreciated the use of ball throwing imagery when speaking of AGW. I had to explain to my grandkid how CO2 could modify the energy balance and I used the image of thrown baseballs as bits of heat with a pitcher as the lower troposphere and a fielder as lower/upper troposphere.

    He now understands better than most denialists.

    • Tom Smerling says:

      Gary thanks for taking the time to comment. Yeah, we sure need some good football metaphors, for fall-winter.

      But your baseball pitcher/hitter metaphor sounds interesting and original. Could you please expand it a bit? Might be a candidate for our metaphor collection (top menu).

      (You can just reply here, or if you prefer drop us a “suggestion card” from the Forum.)

  2. Amazing video. I really loved this explanation. I also liked how he mentioned that record low temperatures and snow will not go away with climate change. As a baseball fan, I tip my cap to you for posting this video.

  3. Don says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’m with Brian. Great video and great metaphor. Thanks for finding and posting it.

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