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So lonely, misunderstood…

What a great example of how to breath life into an abstract topic—renewable energy—by turning it into a human character.    Add bits of emotional drama, surprise and slightly-risque humor. . . and the story becomes irresistible!

This award-winning ad by the power company Epuron and the German Ministry for the Environment (BMU) went viral a few years ago,  and has taken on a life of its own,  recently reaching 4+ million hits on YouTube.    A good story always draws a crowd.

This ad was shown at the Climate Reality leadership training in SF last August to illustrate effective communication.

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2 Responses to So lonely, misunderstood…

  1. Don says:

    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for the video. I really like it, though I sort of wish I got to learn a little bit about his new job. :-)

    • Tom Smerling says:

      Hey, Don. Nice to see your comments here! A little feedback always livens things up…

      BTW, this clip reminds me of a reflection I heard years ago from an elderly resident of Hood River OR, a famous windsurfing mecca, Gazing out at the sails speeding across the Columbia River Gorge he said, “Lived here all my life. We always thought of the wind as a curse, something we simply had to endure. Now there’s all these people coming here for the wind.”

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