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"Up here, If you don't accept science, you die." Featured

"I am a pilot. I love flying in bad weather because you must trust the cockpit instruments. Up here, if you do not accept science, you die.—"Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.



Source: NPR Science Friday Interview of Mayor Michael Bloomberg by host Ira Flatow, April 6, 2012

Notes: full quote by Mayor Bloomberg:

"I am a pilot and I love flying in bad weather because of all the instruments because if you do not accept science, you die.  But that is really true: you have to accept science.  If the instruments says, 'turn here or go there, your wings are doing this, you have to understand and follow it...

Sadly, science is under attack in this country.  It is hard to understand why people do not accept climate change.  They argue with the science of when, why it is happening or even if it is happening.  However, just to dismiss it because you know it is not right or you have a political agenda that says, 'It is not right,' that is really intellectually dishonest and dangerous.

 Even more, I think in this country we are going backwards while the rest of the world is focusing on teaching kids science, math, and skills neccessary for the new world.  In parts of this country, we are not teaching science anymore because the issue is 'intelligent design' or creationism.  Even science teachers today are under attack."

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