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Tundra melt: Would you believe a 4,000-year-old tomahawk?

Senator John McCain saw direct evidence of climate change when a Yukon elder presented him with a 4,000-year tomahawk freshly melted from the permafrost.



Source: Inspired by a commentary essay by Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas

Devout Christrian and conservative Republican Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas is very concerned about climate change.  He is so concerned in 2007 he confronted his hero, Senator John McCain at a banquet honoring Iraqi war veterans returning home to Minnesota.  Douglas asked Senator McCain during the dinner: "Is it possible that all the recent weather is just one great, big cosmic coincidence?"  

Senator McCain rolled his eyes and responded, "Paul, I just returned from the Yukon.  The chief elder of a local village presented me with a 4,000 year old tomahawk that just melted from the permafrost.  The short answer? No."

Could you ignore the reality of climate change if a Yukon elder presented you with a 4,000 year old tomahawk recently melted from the permafrost?  

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