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Tags: drought

Rising temperatures: it’s like a bully coming for your lunch money.

‘We can think of global warming as a bully that comes by every year and tells you to give him more and more of your money.’ – Park Williams, a tree ring researcher at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Recent floods: Not just power of nature, but power of man

"(Recent floods) not just by the power of nature but by the power of man." — climate activist Bill McKibben

Power plants most vulnerable to water scarcity.

Who knew? Power plants use 40% of U.S. freshwater supplies. How will they cope with a drier climate? Who will keep the lights on when the water runs out?

Like the Titanic sinking, catastrophes aren't democratic

“Like the sinking of the Titanic, catastrophes are not democratic. A much higher fraction of passengers from the cheaper decks were lost. We’ll see the same phenomenon with global warming.”

Like talking about lung cancer without mentioning smoking.

Wildfires dominate the headlines – but the media coverage focuses only on effects while ignoring a major cause. Talking about western wildfires without mentioning climate change is like talking about lung cancer without mentioning cigarettes.

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Like quitting your job and playing the lottery to pay the bills.

"The odds that natural variability created these [recent weather] extremes are minuscule... To count on those odds would be like quitting your job and playing the lottery every morning to pay the bills."—Dr. James Hansen, NASA

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Let’s create jobs that will save us, not cook us

“If public money is going to be spent on energy jobs, it has to be for the jobs that will save us, not cook us.” – author and social activist Naomi Klein.

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Is it going to be bad or horrifically bad? That's the scientific debate

‘Is it going to be bad or horrifically bad?’ This is what the scientists debate, not it could be fine. Nothing like that.’ – Dr. Justin Wood, climate scientist

Ignore climate change?  This increases your risk of being unlucky.

“Think of climate change as something that increases our risks of being unlucky. We need to prepare up front as we move into a warmer, hotter, more extreme world.” – Heidi Cullen, Chief Climatologist for Climate

If 1º melts the Arctic, we're fools to see what 2º will do

"If 1 degee melts the Arctic, we're fools to find out what 2 degrees will do." — Bill McKibben, environmental author & founder of

Hate high taxes?  Then stop Mother Nature's Extreme Weather Tax

Alarmed by Hurricane Sandy’s destruction and the current drought? Warning: Mother Nature is now imposing ‘an extreme weather tax.’

For U.S. military, it's mission reality, not a political debate

'For US Department of Defense, climate change is a mission reality, not a political debate.' — Mark Wright, a Pentagon spokesperson.

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Extreme drought and heat waves are a threat to your freedom.

“Climate change is a threat to our freedoms. If you're a Great Plains rancher or a farmer, your freedom is enormously constrained by the fact that you're in the midst of a two-year severe drought.” - Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

Einstein: compound interest is most powerful force in world.

Since 1950, the global percentage of dry areas has increased by about 1.74% of global land area per decade. That is 1.74% compounding interest, which Einstein calls the eighth wonder of the world.

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Drought & Deluge:   What goes up, must come down.

As evaporation accelerates, dry areas get dryer and wet areas become wetter. Why? Because "what goes up must come down," but unfortunately not in the same spot.

Category:Extreme Weather
Don't fear global warming but do fear local climate destabilization

"Unfortunately, the focus remains mostly on “global warming” instead of on the bigger concern—that we are disrupting the planet’s climate in completely unpredictable ways." — Ajit Varki and Danny Brower, writers of the 2013 book, "Denial: Self-Deception, False Beliefs, and the Origins of the Human Mind."

Climate is the canvas and weather is what is painted on it

“Climate is the canvas and weather is what is painted on it. Humans have changed the climate so now all weather is affected by us.” – Scott Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences at Suffolk County Community College in Long Island, New York.

Climate change impacts everyone's food supply.

Climate change will have major impacts on the availability of water for growing food and on crop productivity in the decades to come. Increased temperatures will lengthen the growing season in northern temperate zones but will reduce the length almost everywhere else. The livelihoods of rural communities as well as the food security of city populations are at risk.

1.4 F of warming so far has led to 40% less Arctic ice mass, Western wildfires that now consume 6x more forest, more frequent big hurricanes and insurance companies quitting many coastal areas. To imagine 11 degrees of warming, multiply by 8.