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Tags: models

Models are unreliable?  You mean late for photo shoots?

Models are unreliable. I agree -- they are often late for photo shoots, and sometimes never show up at all!

Forecasts vary:  from "pretty awful" to "unspeakably horrible"

Yes, the models disagree. Their range of disagreement in their estimation of climate futures is between pretty awful and unspeakably horrible. None estimates a pleasant future.

Conflating 'uncertainty' with 'ignorance'.

Some skeptics conflate 'uncertainty' with 'ignorance'. This is the idea that because scientists are uncertain about some aspect [of climate science] they therefore know nothing about [that aspect], and any estimate of it is mere guesswork.

Are models wrong? No, they're 'useful'.

“Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful” — George E. P. Box