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Which renewable?   'Mirror, mirror on the wall'

As renewable technologies jostle for position in the growing low carbon economy, commentators are asking 'Who is the fairest electricity gen ...

Category:Clean Energy
We should tax what we burn, not what we earn

"I have long supported a sharp reduction in payroll taxes, with the differences made up in CO2 taxes. We should tax what we burn, not what ...

Walmart's goal: use 100% renewable energy by the year 2020

"Our goal to be supplied 100% by renewable energy is the right goal and marrying up renewables with energy efficiency is especially powerful ...

Category:Clean Energy
The Google business plan: fully invest in renewable & green energy

“While fossil-based prices are on a cost curve that goes up, renewable prices are on this march downward,” said Rick Needham, Google Directo ...

Category:Clean Energy
The best job creators: clean energy & energy efficiency companies

‘Clean energy and energy efficiency companies are growing faster than any other sector. They are job creators. I cannot emphasize that str ...

Category:Clean Energy
The best Christmas gift: Go solar!

"This past month, I spent more beer & pistachios than I did on gas & electric. And I am not a big drinker. It’s amazing how much (solar) c ...

Category:Clean Energy
The 'Copernicus' of Global Warming

Joseph Fourier (1768 — 1830), the 'Copernicus' of global warming.

Our new moon shot: Restore a healthy climate by 2070

“We can restore the climate of the 1980s by 2070. It won’t require a miracle or big sacrifices, just the will and policies to do it.” — Pet ...

Nothing short of a revolution

Climate solutions are not tweaks. They’re a revolution.

King Coal dethroned.  Off with his head!

The world is in the grip of a rush to renewables. Dirty old King Coal can be excused for being tired and grumpy at times.

Category:Clean Energy
Keep using fossil fuels?  That 'gas tank' will soon be empty

We burn fossil fuels a million times faster than nature created them. Sooner or later, we will run out. — inspired by Dr. Richard Alley on ...

How are jets, transistors, computers, internet, GPS alike?

"What do jet engines, computers, transistors, the internet, and the Global Positioning System (GPS) have in common? They all owe their exist ...

Category:Clean Energy
EV chargers: The future is here -- in Houston (again!)

What could be more futuristic than when the world listened with baited breath as astronauts talked to NASA control in Houston? Well, the fu ...

Category:Clean Energy
Energy democracy: Power in your hands.

Little House on the Prairie families were resourceful and self-reliant. Today's smart power grids and solar PV will democratise electricity ...

Category:Clean Energy
Coal: Not a good long term investment says Goldman Sachs

"The window for profitable investment in coal mining is closing. " — Goldman Sachs, Rocks & Ores Commodities Research Report, July 24, 3013.

'Shine, Baby, Shine!' Not 'Drill, Baby, Drill'

"I have nothing more to do with oil. I am producing my own energy -- solar energy," Larry Hagman (the actor who played oil baron J.R. Ewing ...

Category:Clean Energy