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Drastic climate change is a conservative's worst nightmare

"Under pressure from climate stress even the most robust constitutional democracy may find its character threatened. Faced with more stressful or severe frequent floods, people will become more accustomed to looking to central authority for aid and direction." - Brent Ranalli, writer for

Source: "The Conservative Case for a Proactive Climate Policy" by Brent Ranalli, The, Tuesday, August 28, 2012.  Also, Bill McKibben vs. Alex Epstein Debate on Fossil Fuelsfrom November 5, 2012 on YouTube



November 5, 2012, climate activist Bill McKibben debated Alex Epstein, an expert in energy and industrial policy.  McKibben pointed out during this debate, "Climate change is a conservative nightmare.  It is a political risk to freedom and liberty.  The further we let climate change get out of hand the more onerous the response it will likely to be."

McKibben quoted Brent Ranalli, writer for, the above quote and idea that climate change is a conservative nightmare.

Brent Ranalli's article lists serious climate change threats of "drought, new agricultural infestations, displaced internal populations, and security problems caused by mass migrations and failed states abroad."

Ranalli then argues Conservatives would suffer far more adapting to these threats than proactive international accords, such as Kyoto.

The costs of delay would be enormous, not just with economic and environmental damage.  Even worse, for Conservatives, to take national and global collective action to respond to nasty consequences of climate change could reduce "the very dimension that so worries conservative climate skeptics, citizens' liberty."

Therefore, Brent Ranalli believes, "Viewed in that light, American conservatives ought to be the ones leading the charge to preserve our current way of life from climate-induced threats."

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November 14, 2012

I'll definately be using this argument with conservative audiences. Good one Brian!

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