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Waste is not a conservative value Featured

"I am a conservative Republican...I do not believe in wasting things...I do not believe in wasting natural resources or any resources that we might have." - attorney Robert Barlow interviewed on the 2006 HBO documentary "Too Hot to Handle."



Source: 2006 HBO documentary, Too Hot Not to Handle.

Extended Quote: from attorney Robert Barlow:

"I am a conservative Republican.  I am about as conservative as they come.  But the root word of conservative is to conserve.  I do not believe in wasting things.  I do not believe in wasting my own money.  I do not believe in wasting natural resources or any resources we may have."

This quote is from the six year old HBO documentary about climate change, Too Hot Not to Handle.  Even if it is an older quote, it still speaks to the universal truth that waste is not good, whether it is personal money or the planet's limited natural resources.  In the documentary, Robert Barlow spoke these comments as he was showing his hybrid Honda Civic.  The hyrbid Civic gets excellent gas milage.  Thus, Barlow was very happy to show his Civic that does not waste his money or natural resources.

This documentary points to using more hybrid cars and trucks as one of the solutions to resolving climate change.  A hybrid enthusiast in the film even states, "The United States currently consumes about 10% of its fuel just idling at stop lights, stop signs, and parking lots."

Furthermore, the documentary says "If everyone switched to hybrids, that would be the eqivalent of taking over 100 million cars and trucks off the road."

Dr. Jonathan Foley, Director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, also stated in the film that "I think you can improve your quality of life, improve your pocketbook, and improve the Earth's climate all at the same time.  Your quality of life does not depend on you burning gasoline.  It depends upon your car working and getting you to your job in the morning."

Hybrid cars and trucks can save us on gas prices and our limited natural resouces.  This sounds like a great conservative value, not wasting our money or resources.

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Brian Ettling
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October 31, 2012

More conservatives need to be reminded that their monicker does not just refer to social issues and also need to be strongly reminded that a lack of climate change precaution (or acceleration of) affects their wallets negatively!!! Kill doubt with logic!

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