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Short and to the point.

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Doran 97% 'soundbite'
Did anybody ever bother to actually look at the Zimmerman thesis.... (all 150pgs)
You might find some suprises in the appendi..

ie 90% of those surveyed were in the USA..

and the feedback from those thattook part was very critical, datre I say 'sceptical ;-)

Why not download it and take a look, unless the 97% Doran soundbite is more important to you.
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Thank for the tip; I will take a look at Zimmerman's thesis. Having done a fair amount of survey research myself, I'm well aware of it's limitations. One can never rely on just one study; you have to replicate the study, and look for corroborating evidence.

In this case, a completely separate study (Anderegg, et al 2010), using different methodology, found almost the exact same figure (97%). These findings are roughly consistent, as well, with Naomi Orestes' survey of peer-reviewed research papers, and more informal methods. Working climate scientists who don't believe the earth is warming, largely due to human activity, are a tiny minority, no matter how you count them.

re: 90% in the US. Are you suggesting that climate scientists in other countries are likely to be more skeptical? Are you aware of any evidence of this?

The bottom line for me, until I see evidence to the contrary: The findings of these two studies are so robust, that even if they are off by, say, 10% -- which is statistically unlikely -- it would not change the conclusion.

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