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Geeky audiences
For me, this bite hones in on some of the fine detail of science history. I don't talk with any audiences who are into this level of detail. If someone brought it up, I'd try to avoid getting drawn into it, and stay with my main message.

So, it's not something I'd be likely to use. I'm sure others would find it useful in some circumstances.

This is not for geeky audiences, this is a rebuttal for Skeptics
Makan: I think you misinterpreted this bite. This bite is not meant for general audiences. It is meant as a rebuttal for contrarians, such as Texas Governor Rick Perry, who have fallen in love with Galileo. Yes, Galileo is a giant in the history of science. Dismissive folks love to use Galileo as a poster child as someone who successfully went against the grain of established thought at the time. The problem with their thinking. Yes, Galileo got the big picture right: the earth revolves around the sun. However, he got the details wrong. It took scientific consensus to throw out Galileo's disproven evidence and strengthen Galileo's main argument with better evidence.

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