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But that raccoon is so cute!
Love it! Very funny. That is such a cute picture of the raccoon going the the trash also. Great point also about not blaming Exxon. I found it to be very empowering. All of us must take action to resolve climate change, not just blame the big oil giants. However, we still must fight them whenever we can and encourage the development of renewal energy.
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Yeah, real cute. Except for the guy who has to clean up the mess they leave behind! :) At home, it's usually Dad (yours truly). With Exxon's messes, all of us pay the price.

John Russellby

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Like a Football Game
Good bite!

...And a perfect example of why legislation is necessary. I always tell people that companies will always selfishly do what is right for them; within the regulations. Having no regulation is a free-for-all, 'tragedy-of-the-commons', scenario where everybody fights for themselves; creating collateral damage -- usually to the environment -- wherever they go.

Civilisation is like a football game. Society marks out the pitch, lays down the rules and referees the game. The participants then do what the can within the rules. Without a clearly defined pitch, the rules and the policing, everything falls apart and everybody suffers. In the long run, even the players!

This is why liberalised markets cannot work.


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As a former soccer (football) coach, I can report first hand on what happens when you let a bunch of kids loose with a ball and not rule or refs. Chaos, total dominance by the strongest players, frustration and anger, endless arguments, and, often, an injury. Not much fun for anybody, except maybe 1-2 bullies. Same with unregulated business.

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