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One poorly placed thermometer....
This should be our mantra, recited every time some denier nit-picks some detail. Don't attempt to refute their cherry picking, bounce "How does that affect the overall picture, the jigsaw puzzle?" back at them. One poorly placed thermometer doesn't negate the tsunami of information coming from dozens of disciplines.
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Excellent suggestion! We hope you will comment on other bites -- or your own favorites.


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Jigsaw metaphor as the way forward...
I first encountered this one on that excellent "Climate Sight" site.
Denialists want to quibble about the details, and are perhaps unable (and certainly unwilling!) to see the big picture. Also good to remind folks that even in "airtight" cases for murder, for example, there are always little anomalies, eyewitness testimony that is unreliable, or bits of the puzzle that don't fit as well as you'd hope/expect...
John Russellby

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A climate bite going viral?
I used the jigsaw metaphor in a comment here [ ] and received a response from one of the authors of the report being discussed.

He linked back to one of his interviews where he'd picked up on this metaphor: . Interestingly he referred to himself as 'a jigsaw kind of scientist'.



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