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This connects with me since I have a mild cold right now.
Loved the image of the sick child. It is very appealing, cute, and funny.
Have you ever heard someone actually say: 'I hate government regulation, therefore global warming is a hoax,'? Just curious because I have not so far. However, I liked how you then go on to elaborate: "It is akin to saying 'I hate vaccines, therefore the flu cannot possibly be real.'" Great point.

You do make an interesting point that I have also noticed, "The most vociferous hostility to climate science comes from those who abhor any government regulation, and even view climate change as a plot to expand government control."

"But instead of just attacking proposed solutions, they instead try to deny that the problem even exists." This reminds me of an earlier bite that "Denial is not just a river in Egypt." Overall, very good Climate Bite.

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