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Such a great bite: I could not procrastinate in responding.
This bite really hits home. Thank you for posting this. It really helps me understand my audience as well as myself. Many people really do not want to hear how dangerous climate change can be, so denial is much more convenient for their minds to handle.

On the other hand, it can very intimidating for me to engage people on the subject of climate change. The fear that they will cut down my position, subject can be so daunting and somber, and my hesitation that I will not reach them effectively. However, a quote from Jerry Seinfeld gives me hope. He once said, "In comedy, unfortunately, sometimes people get hurt, but you still have to try anyway."

As we exchange ideas fellow climate change communicators, it is important that we keep giving each other hope and encouragement. We can get scared talking about climate change and our audience can easily slip into denial because the subject scares them also. Keep the Faith! Thank you for creating Climate Bites as a place for hope and positive inspiration for communicating climate change.
John Russellby

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Humble thanks.
Thanks for posting this, Tom.

I say these things and sometimes, because I say them myself, it takes other people to recognise its value as a metaphor.

Oh, and it's 'Russell' with two 'l's!


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It struck me, staring at an unopened medical bill, how true your comment was. IPlus think its important to recognize that denial and procrastination are universal human traits, so a little humility and empathy with rank-and-file folks who want to deny climate change (as opposed to professional misinformers) is called for.

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