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U.S. Marines: Less fuel saves lives. Featured

The Marines are quietly leading the way on efficiency and renewables.

"Our priority is to save lives by reducing the number of Marines at risk on the road hauling fuel and water."

Notes: More from the official USMC website, Expeditionary Energy:

"Marines are modern-day Spartans – our ethos demands that we change the way we think about energy as we train, equip, and lead our expeditionary force...

The Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Strategy, spanning Bases to Battlefield, centers on changing the way we think about energy – that our warrior ethos equates the efficient use of energy and water resources with increased combat effectiveness.

Our priority is to save lives by reducing the number of Marines at risk on the road hauling fuel and water.

Our objective is to allow Marines to travel lighter -with less -and move faster by reducing the size and amount of equipment and dependence of bulk supplies."

From the video clip on the USMC site:

"We are burning 200,000 gallons of JP (fuel) every day in Afghanistan... Those fuel convoys mean even more targets for the enemy...

We have found that for every 50 fuel or water convoys, we have one more Marine is at risk for being killed or wounded.... If we reduce the need for that logistics, that's means one less Marine that's at risk.

We need to be able to lighten our load. This is about us.  This is about what's best for the Marine Corps."

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Bite source:  Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy

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byBrian Ettling

October 15, 2011

Great quote from a Marine serving in Afghanistan literally how saving energy and reducing their consumption can save the lives of our armed forces serving in dangerous places like Afghanistan. If only we were more mindful of our energy consumption on the home front. As Thomas Friedman said in his book "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" in 2008, "Green is the new Red, White, and Blue." Becoming energy independent and reducing our dependence on foreign oil is patriotic!

March 12, 2013

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Marines know the life and death value of their decisions. They are making the right one here for a mission larger than saving a few marines. Our dependence on fossil fuels is a national security risk we don't need in world increasingly vulnerable to difficult to detect biological, cyber or IED weapons.

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