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"Coal = Jobs?" Yes. For lung doctors! Featured

"'Coal = Jobs.' Yes, for lung doctors."—Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist

Souce: G(reen)O.P.? - New York Times opinion editorial by Thomas L. Friedman, June 2, 2012.

Notes: Thomas Friedman expanded quote:

"In recent years the G.O.P. base has fallen into a knee jerk, drill, baby, drill attitude that clean energy is for sissies and protecting the environment only hurts jobs, therefore conservation and conservatism can't mix.  Last week, Mitt Romney traveled to a remote coal-mining town, Craig, Colorado, where he trashed President Obama's green jobs record, while addressed workers wearing caps that said, "Coal = Jobs."  Yes, it does for lung doctors...

There is a more intelligent conservative energy strategy: a campaign to develop an energy mix that is "American, diverse, and clean."  Put the G.O.P behind whatever fuel sources or technologies the marketplace produces - they can be natural gas, wind, wave, solar, nuclear, efficiency, biofuels, or sequestered coal - provided they are produced in America, give us a diversity of supply and steadily move us toward cleaner air."

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