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It's not enough to care, we must link together and act collectively

"It's not enough to care; we must link our concern to each other & act collectively...'1,000 stallions unconnected cannot move a baby carriage.'” — Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation


Source: "Two Reports Warn: Wake Up! It's Later Than It's Ever Been" by Larry J. Schweiger.  Written on the Wildlife Promise Blog on the National Wildlife Feberation(NWF) website.

Notes: In this NWF blog by Larry Schweiger, he notes two alarming reports: the media coverage of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and a a study released by World Bank leaders in November, which Schweiger participated in a conference call, called Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4° C Warmer World Must be Avoided.

The World Bank report lists serious global consequences of a 4° C rise, such as sea level rise inundating of coastal cities, unprecedented heat waves, exacerbated water scarcity, irreversible loss of biodiversity, including coral reef systems, and high uncertainty and new risks threatening our ability to anticipate and adapt in the future.

With this daunting possibility, the question is whether Larry is optimistic or pessimistic.  Here is how he concludes this blog, 

"Have I lost hope that we will wake up and act? My enduring hope is in you, National Wildlife Federation members and supporters, and all who care about wildlife and our children's future. Together, we must demand policies to stop carbon pollution before it stops us.

But it is not enough to care; we must link our concern to each other and act collectively. After all, that is why conservationist Ding Darling created National Wildlife Federation. He knew that 'a thousand stallions unconnected could not move a baby carriage.' We must work to move our wayward lawmakers to fast action."

To learn how you can get involved, visit"

Even more, contact Citizens Climate, and The Climate Reality Project to learn how you can organize with others in your community to reduce the threat of climate change.

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