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Your job for the rest of your life: Make the impossible possible

"Anyone who hears this: your job for the rest of your life is to make the impossible possible."—Dave Roberts (Grist).



Source: video: Climate Change Is Simple - David Roberts Remix.  Special thanks to Climate Denial Crock of the Weekfor posting this video.


Notes: Please pass along this expanded quote to anyone you know who is alarmed, concerned, or aware about climate change.  It is one of the most inspiring quotes you will ever hear. writer Dave Roberts:

"If we keep doing what we are now doing (with climate change), we are screwed.  This we know now: to stabilize temperature, and I do not mean stabilizing temperature at 2 degrees or 4 degrees or 6 degrees (Celsius).  I mean to ever have a hope of having again a stabilizing  temperature of any kind, global climate change emissions needs to peak, stop growing, rapidily within the next 5 to 10 years.  

Ever year we do not get started on this, we add, according to the International Energy Agency, another $500 billion to the price tag of what it is going to cost us to do this eventually.  Every year we wait that is $500 billions dollars down the drain.  Now you and I look around at current politics, particularly US politics, and massive coordinated ambitious action does not strike us as particularly plausible.  In fact, it might strike us as impossible. But, that is where we are: stuck between the impossible and the unthinkable.  

So, for you or anyone who hears this: your job for the rest of your life is to make the impossible possible."

Yes, now is the time to get courageous, band together, organize and take action to reduce the threat of climate change.

Image source: Brian Ettling



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November 6, 2012

The recurring cry from those entrenched in their opinion that climate change is a liberal, anti-business conspiracy should be more receptive to this argument as opposed to those advocating action for the simplicity of environmental responsibility. Repeatedly, we hear from the right that new regulations such as the higher mileage requirements of new vehicles passed by President Obama kill jobs and burdens Americans with more expensive vehicles; how does that compare with five trillion dollars of additional debt with each passing decade in addition to debt from other allocations? And on the subject of green vehicles, they're similar to green buildings: a little more upfront, but the savings in gas are tenfold over the life of the car. After driving one while working in Oregon, I go through a guilt trip every time I get behind the wheel in my conventional car...c'mon aging Priuses, get cheaper!!!

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