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"...Our planet doesn't do gradual change... it lurches..." Featured

"Global warming will very probably unleash unstoppable planetary forces. And they will not be gradual. The history of our planet’s climate shows that it does not do gradual change. Under pressure, whether from sunspots or orbital wobbles or the depredations of humans, it lurches – virtually overnight." — Fred Pearce


Bite Notes: this is a quote from 'With Speed and Violence: Why scientists fear tipping points in climate change' by Fred Pearce. Pearce is a well-respected journalist with a science background who regularly contributes articles to New Scientist magazine.

As Pearce began working on this book, normally cautious scientists beat a path to his door to tell him about their fears and their latest findings. 'With Speed and Violence' tells the stories of these scientists and their work—from the implications of melting permafrost in Siberia and the huge river systems of meltwater beneath the icecaps of Greenland and Antarctica to the effects of the "ocean conveyor" and a rare molecule that runs virtually the entire cleanup system for the planet.

 Image source: World Food Programme

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November 19, 2011

Very alarming to read, especially with the very stark drought picture with the dead animal.

You have me interested to learn more about Fred Pearce.

Thank you for posting this.

Brian Ettling

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