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Raise the basketball floor a bit => lots more slam dunks Featured

"Even small rises in sea level will have very big impact in some places, as storm surges hit coasts. If you raise the floor of a basketball court by just a few inches, you will see many more slam dunks." — Twila Moon, University of Washington

Bite Notes: Twila Moon is a graduate student working toward a PhD in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) at the University of Washington, Seattle. She led a study of Greenlands glaciers published in the journal Science in May 2012.

Melting of the world's land ice could raise sea levels by more than a metre by 2100.

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byTom Smerling

May 3, 2012

John -- what a great bite! Original and useful for explaining how small changes can make a big difference.

May 4, 2012

Great analogy. I am only 5'8'', so you had me excited for a moment that I might be able to slam dunk on a basketball court if we keep raising the floor. Then, I was brought back to reality that this is about climate change and sea level rise. This is very scary to think about. Thanks for posting this.

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