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Short and accurate.

I think we sometimes forget the scope of what's happening and the true value of a thing, even before climate change was well known we had rainforests disappearing and incredible rates of extinction. For my part the value of biodiversity seems for its own sake, but if you had to put other values on it, consider all the unknown medicinal uses of plants and animals gone forever.

Speaking of burning masterpieces, coal has many other uses. I feel it's underpriced. In Australia the carbon tax debate goes on, there's many aspects to be fairly discussed but the real value of things needs to be considered at the least.

E.O. Wilson is one of my heroes. Thanks for posting this!
Ever since I saw E.O. Wilson on a National Geographic special in January, 1998 speaking on the value of endangered species, he has had a huge influence on my life. Since then, I have loved reading and owning his books, such as "The Future of Life" and "The Creation." Thank you for posting this. It reminded me how eloquent E.O. Wilson is as he speaks so passionately about preserving the diversity of life on Earth.

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