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Keep thinking about our kids! (and our impact on future generations)
Love this quote that was found by Larry Lazar. I am a big fan of Carl Sagan and I do pay close attention whenever anyone quotes him. It is so important to think of future generations everyday. I cannot think of a higher priority. After all, we try to pay attention to how well they are doing in school, which friends they hang out with, feed them nutritious food, provide a safe place for them to live, take them to a doctor for regular check ups & when they are sick, think about how we are going to get them to college and someday be independent on their own. It is also so vital to think about leaving behind a healthy environment and planet for them to live. Call me crazy because I am not a parent myself. However, I could not think about raising kids without also factoring in the future health of their planet. This quote also reminds of the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, "In our every deliberation, we must think about the consequences of our actions on the next seven generations."

Thanks again for posting this, Larry.

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