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Jesus said, 'Love (not poison!) your neighbor' Featured

"If you don't know how to keep poisons out of somebody's water, or their air, how can you say you love your neighbor?" —Christian Environmentalist Fred Van Dyke.

Source: Tulsa News, 3/17/2012: "Professor Talks Global Warming at Oral Roberts University.

Professor Fred Van Dyke is Chairman of the Deparment of Biology and Director of the Environmental Studies program at Wheaton College, a leadin Christian college in the Chicago, Illinois area.  His focus is to develop a Christian philosophy of environmental stewardship.

He recently spoke at the conservative Christian Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.  He told the audience that the earth is getting warmer and he believes that human activity is the cause.  He then listed the evidence: average temperatures have gone up worldwide, glaciers melting, the thickness and extent of the Arctic is dropping, animals migrating north, and spring arriving earlier.  

He pleaded with this audience, "It is important to take science seriously.  If you do not know how to keep poison out of somebody's water or their air, how can you say you love your neighbor?"

He also wanted his audience to know "It is not biblical to take the view that everything on earth is made for man's use.  In Genesis, God called the creation of animals good before man was created."  Amen.  


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March 28, 2012

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Nice find Brian, this will be particularly useful when communicating with those that are religious. Thanks for posting it.

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