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A warming planet doesn't get rid of winter

Bite"People across the northern hemisphere are facing the fact that a warming planet doesn't get rid of winter ... now is a good time to remind ourselves that weather, like death and taxes, will always be with us." — Robert Henson, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Noticed that a drink stays cold until the last ice melts?

BiteThe faster Arctic ice melts and the more open sea is revealed, the more heat that becomes available to melt the remaining ice and heat up the sea. It's a tipping point of sorts. That's why your glass of Cinzano and lemonade stays cool until the last slivers of ice melt and then the temperature ri...
Earth's climate is an ornery beast...that overreacts

Bite"The paleoclimate record shouts out to us that, far from being self-stabilising, the Earth's climate system is an ornery beast which overreacts to even small nudges." -- Reknowned paleoclimatologist, Wallace Broeker
If you haven't given birth you can't be pregnant!

BiteTo declare that the warming has not yet appeared and therefore the theory is wrong is like arguing that "a woman hasn't yet given birth and therefore isn't pregnant."
"Global Warming is a misnomer..."—John Holdren

Bite"The popular term 'global warming' is a misnomer. It implies something uniform, gradual, mainly about tempera­ture, and quite possibly benign. What is happening to global climate is none of those."
We're seeing today what John Tyndall predicted in 1859.

BiteThe basic science of climate change is more than 150 years old. Back in 1859, Irish physicist John Tyndall predicted that winters would warm faster than summers, and nights faster than days. Now we see it borne out.
"...Like leaving the 'fridge door open."

BiteAs the Arctic warms, so the northern continents at higher latitudes experience cold winters with heavy snow falls. It's rather like the fridge door being left open: warm air goes in at the top as cold air falls out into the room.
Ask a farmer, hunter or fisherman.  Notice any changes?

BiteAsk a local farmer whether they have noticed any changes in the timing of growing seasons in the past few decades. Ask a local gardener if they've noticed any changes in the timing of flowering in their yard in the past few decades. Or ask a hunter or fisherman if they've noticed changes in waterf...
What do climate change and rubber bands have in common?

BiteMany Earth systems behave like rubber bands, by not reversing smoothly down the same path that they were stretched along. This means that many changes brought about by global warming, such as sea-level rise and drought, will persist for some time even if we manage to reduce atmospheric CO2.
Only poets can approach explaining this present danger

Bite“Only poets can approach this task (describing the threat of climate change) until we come up with the right metaphor.” — Donald A. Brown, Associate Professor, Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law, Penn State University.
Not sure it's warming?   Just ask the plants.

Bite"If you question the numbers, just ask the plants."— Andy Extance, Simple Climate.
When Positive is Negative—it's a chain reaction.

BitePositive feedback increases change in whatever direction that change is heading—so it's self-reinforcing. While riding a motorbike, what starts as a slight wobble can quickly escalate into a total loss of control; a crash.
A natural cycle?  Mother Nature disagrees!

Bite"It's getting warmer. Storms are getting stronger...and it's getting harder to say this is an accident of nature" — Dr. Stephen Schneider.
Humans not warming climate? That idea is gone with the wind.

Bite“Any wisps of doubt that human activities are at fault are now gone with the wind.” – climate scientist Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University.