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"We're entitled to every damn thing on this planet..."

Bite"There is this long, wonderful history of the human race written in blood. We have this tendency to just take what we want. And that's how we treat the natural world as well. There's this sense of we're here, we're big, we've got the guns, we've got the technology, therefore we're entitled to every ...
'Tropic of Chaos'

BiteThe 'Tropic of Chaos'; the band encircling the middle of the globe between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, where already-destabilized nations are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of increasingly extreme weather patterns.
Tax carbon! Can restaurants throw their thrash into the street?

BiteFossil fuel industry is the only industry on earth throwing its waste out for free. If you run a restaurant, you have to pay someone to cart away your garbage. - inspired by Bill McKibben
Don't like big government? Then act now to solve climate change

Bite"I do not want the government telling me what to do. But, the longer we wait, the worse this problem gets...then you are going to see a lot of government interventions that you do not want to see at all." — Naomi Oreskes.
Drastic climate change is a conservative's worst nightmare

Bite"Under pressure from climate stress even the most robust constitutional democracy may find its character threatened. Faced with more stressful or severe frequent floods, people will become more accustomed to looking to central authority for aid and direction." - Brent Ranalli, writer for Globalist....
Desperate people do desperate things

BiteClimate chaos breeds conflict, violence and terrorism. When people become desperate, they do desperate things, because they have nothing left to lose.
You cannot adapt to chaos.

Bite"You cannot adapt to chaos." - unknown.
Only poets can approach explaining this present danger

Bite“Only poets can approach this task (describing the threat of climate change) until we come up with the right metaphor.” — Donald A. Brown, Associate Professor, Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law, Penn State University.
The word "rival" comes from "people sharing the same river"

Bite"The word rival, after all, comes from 'people who share the same river.'"

Many wars are ignited by conflict over scarce resources. Some consider Darfur the first "climate war."
"If I were wrong, then one would be enough." — Albert Einstein

BiteIn 1931, a book was published, "100 Authors Against Einstein." Albert Einstein's response: "If I were wrong, then one would be enough."
In a car headed for a wall, while we argue about seating.

Bite"We're in a giant car headed for a brick wall and everyone is arguing over where they want to sit." - David Suzuki
100% Certainty?  Not even the military requires this to take action

Bite"You never have 100% certainty in anything. If you wait for 100% certainty on the battlefield, something bad is going to happen." — Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (retired), former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations.
Reject climate change? your grandkids will read your words

BiteReject climate change? "Make sure to say that very publicly, because I want our grandchildren to read what you said and what I said." - Bob Inglis, Conservative Republican former Congressman from South Carolina
Hurricane Sandy: A criminal with help from an accomplice

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Bite"If (Hurricane Sandy) was a criminal case, detectives would be treating global warming as a likely accomplice in the crime. - writer Andrew Freedman from ClimateCentral.org
Don't like terrorism or high gas prices?  Then solve climate change.

Bite"Congressman, set aside climate change, you realize that...things I suggested will help us be a lot more resilient against terrorism or oil cut offs?" — James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA
Hate high taxes?  Then stop Mother Nature's Extreme Weather Tax

BiteAlarmed by Hurricane Sandy’s destruction and the current drought? Warning: Mother Nature is now imposing ‘an extreme weather tax.’
Reject climate change? That harms your beach house & your kids

Bite'If you dismiss all climate science as a hoax, I can’t help you. That’s between you & your beach house — and your kids, whose future you’re imperiling.' —Thomas Friedman, NY Times columnist.
Ignore climate change?  This increases your risk of being unlucky.

Bite“Think of climate change as something that increases our risks of being unlucky. We need to prepare up front as we move into a warmer, hotter, more extreme world.” – Heidi Cullen, Chief Climatologist for Climate Central.org