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Joe Camel thinks he’s a science expert

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteWould you trust Joe Camel to teach science to your children? Even lifelong smokers don't want Joe near their kids. The tobacco industry pioneered modern disinformation to discredit medical research. Now some "skeptics" use the same tactics to discredit climate science.
"Believe" in it?   No.  It's about evidence, not belief.

Bite"People ask me if I believe in global warming. I tell them, 'No, I don't,' because belief is faith; faith is the evidence of things not seen. Science is evidence of things seen. To have an open mind, we have to use the brains that God gave us to look at the science."—Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.
Coral:   Don't worry; it's not cancer (it's coronary thrombosis)

BiteTelling the inhabitants of a coral that island that they're safe because sea level won't rise, is like a doctor telling a smoker, "stop worrying, you aren't going to die of lung cancer", while knowing full well that they're doomed to die from a coronary thrombosis. Ocean acidification (OA) and b...
Noticed that a drink stays cold until the last ice melts?

BiteThe faster Arctic ice melts and the more open sea is revealed, the more heat that becomes available to melt the remaining ice and heat up the sea. It's a tipping point of sorts. That's why your glass of Cinzano and lemonade stays cool until the last slivers of ice melt and then the temperature ri...
When in doubt, ask... your insurance company!

Category:Who to Believe?
Bite“The prospect of extreme climate change and its potentially devastating economic and social consequences are of great concern to the insurance industry.” — Kyoto Statement of The Geneva Association, 29th May, 2009
You have to watch many waves before you can see the tide.

BiteWhen you first arrive at the beach can you tell whether the tide is going in or out? No, not quickly: it would perhaps take you fifteen minutes of wave-watching before you could say for certain. And who's to say that a sudden big wave wasn't caused by a passing ship? It takes time to see the trend...
We're seeing today what John Tyndall predicted in 1859.

BiteThe basic science of climate change is more than 150 years old. Back in 1859, Irish physicist John Tyndall predicted that winters would warm faster than summers, and nights faster than days. Now we see it borne out.
Debate = contest of orators. Science = contest of evidence.

BiteDebate is a contest of orators; Science is a contest of evidence.
Don't like big government? Then act now to solve climate change

Bite"I do not want the government telling me what to do. But, the longer we wait, the worse this problem gets...then you are going to see a lot of government interventions that you do not want to see at all." — Naomi Oreskes.
Global Warming paused since 1998?  Paws are for puppies & kittens

Bite‘People ask me: Is there a pause in global warming? My response: paws are for kittens & puppies. Global warming is still increasing.’ - Joshua Willis NASA Climate Scientist
The 'Copernicus' of Global Warming

BiteJoseph Fourier (1768 — 1830), the 'Copernicus' of global warming.
Ask a farmer, hunter or fisherman.  Notice any changes?

BiteAsk a local farmer whether they have noticed any changes in the timing of growing seasons in the past few decades. Ask a local gardener if they've noticed any changes in the timing of flowering in their yard in the past few decades. Or ask a hunter or fisherman if they've noticed changes in waterf...
What do climate change and rubber bands have in common?

BiteMany Earth systems behave like rubber bands, by not reversing smoothly down the same path that they were stretched along. This means that many changes brought about by global warming, such as sea-level rise and drought, will persist for some time even if we manage to reduce atmospheric CO2.
Guns don't 'cause' violence, but they make it deadlier.

Category:Extreme Weather
BiteExtreme weather is not 'caused' by climate change, just like murder is not 'caused' by guns. But just as greater availability of firearms makes violence more frequent and deadly, so climate change increases the likelihood and severity of extreme weather.
It's stopped warming?   Waves vs. tides.

BiteHave you ever stood on a beach and watched the tide coming in? The long-term trend (the water level steadily rising) is hidden behind short-term variability (the size of waves washing up the beach).
Science: not a democracy, its a dictator of the strongest evidence

Bite"Science is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship. It is the evidence that does the dictating." - author John Reisman
Only poets can approach explaining this present danger

Bite“Only poets can approach this task (describing the threat of climate change) until we come up with the right metaphor.” — Donald A. Brown, Associate Professor, Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law, Penn State University.