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Climate change impacts everyone's food supply.

BiteClimate change will have major impacts on the availability of water for growing food and on crop productivity in the decades to come. Increased temperatures will lengthen the growing season in northern temperate zones but will reduce the length almost everywhere else. The livelihoods of rural commun...
'Tropic of Chaos'

BiteThe 'Tropic of Chaos'; the band encircling the middle of the globe between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, where already-destabilized nations are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of increasingly extreme weather patterns.
Drastic climate change is a conservative's worst nightmare

Bite"Under pressure from climate stress even the most robust constitutional democracy may find its character threatened. Faced with more stressful or severe frequent floods, people will become more accustomed to looking to central authority for aid and direction." - Brent Ranalli, writer for Globalist....
Think climate change is a bunch of hooey?  The Chinese do not

Bite"To my free enterprise colleagues -- especially conservatives here -- (if) you think it's all a bunch of hooey, the Chinese don't." — conservative Republican Rep. Bob Inglis.
Desperate people do desperate things

BiteClimate chaos breeds conflict, violence and terrorism. When people become desperate, they do desperate things, because they have nothing left to lose.
Hey USA!  Let's win the 'Clean Energy Race!'

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BiteIt's the Olympics. USA has a chance to win gold in the Clean Energy Race event. Unfortunately, she is falling behind other countries.
We are not the radicals.  Oil companies are the radical ones..

BiteWe are not the radicals. Oil companies are the radicals. They are willing to alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere to make more money. - inspired by Bill McKibben, environmental author and founder of 350.org
The word "rival" comes from "people sharing the same river"

Bite"The word rival, after all, comes from 'people who share the same river.'"

Many wars are ignited by conflict over scarce resources. Some consider Darfur the first "climate war."
Agriculture is most vulnerable to climate impacts.

Bite"Of all sectors of society, agriculture is the sector most likely to be affected by changes in climate. Investment [in agricultural research] will not guarantee that all negative impacts can be overcome, but business as usual will guarantee disastrous consequences for the human race."
-- Dr....
Don't like terrorism or high gas prices?  Then solve climate change.

Bite"Congressman, set aside climate change, you realize that...things I suggested will help us be a lot more resilient against terrorism or oil cut offs?" — James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA
We must manage the unavoidable & avoid what is manageable

Bite'Scientists say, when it comes to climate change, we need to manage what is unavoidable and avoid what is unmanageable.' — Thomas Friedman, NY Times columnist
'I am not going fishing.  I want to get climate change right.'

Bite'Hey, Senator Inhofe, I am not going fishing. (Many) military people like me want to get climate change right.' — Ret. General Steve Anderson
Keystone XL? It’s foreign corporations selling dirty crap to China

Bite‘Senator, why do you support this Keystone boondoggle of foreign corporations selling dirty crap to China?’ – Van Jones, co-host of “Crossfire” on CNN
For U.S. military, it's mission reality, not a political debate

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Bite'For US Department of Defense, climate change is a mission reality, not a political debate.' — Mark Wright, a Pentagon spokesperson.
Reject climate facts? Like smashing your bathroom scale to lose weight

Bite“You can’t change (climate science) facts by ignoring them. This is like trying to lose 20 pounds by smashing your bathroom scale.” — Mike Breen, Executive Director of the Truman National Security Project, and leader of the clean energy campaign, Operation Free.
The world is waiting for a ‘Yes’ from America

Bite“Do we really believe in America is an exceptional nation and do we think we can really solve this challenge of climate change? The rest of the world is waiting for a 'Yes' from us.” – former Representative Bob Inglis.