Type: metaphor

It's like a "whodunit" mystery.  We know the suspects. . .

Category:Human Causality
BiteThink of it like a who-dun-it mystery. Scientists have identified all the "usual suspects" sun, aerosols, land over, volcanoes, etc. Each suspect has its own fingerprint, "calling card," and DNA signature. The warming we see match CO2 almost perfectly, and none of the others match wel...
It's the sun?  That coffin has so many nails. . . "

Category:Human Causality
Bite“That’s a coffin with so many nails in it already that the hard part is finding a place to hammer in a new one.” — Geophysicist Ray Pierrehumbert.
Joe Camel thinks he’s a science expert

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteWould you trust Joe Camel to teach science to your children? Even lifelong smokers don't want Joe near their kids. The tobacco industry pioneered modern disinformation to discredit medical research. Now some "skeptics" use the same tactics to discredit climate science.
Psst...Want to get super rich and famous?

BiteIf you can find a way to scientifically debunk climate change, you can be rich and famous. Just beware that many scientists before you have tried. . . and failed.
Models are unreliable?  You mean late for photo shoots?

BiteModels are unreliable. I agree -- they are often late for photo shoots, and sometimes never show up at all!