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Ocean barnacles don't respond to Fox News, just sea level rise

Category:Who to Believe?
Bite‘Ocean barnacles don’t know science. They don’t read science. They don’t watch Fox News… What they do is they respond to the actual position of the ocean and they are moving up.” – Peter Harlem at Florida International University
North Pole melting: Santa Claus not jolly

BiteBy the 2040s, the entire North Pole will be open water in the summer, with no sea ice. This has terrible consequences for Santa Claus and his Workshop.
Nobody ever marched on Washington because of a pie chart

Bite"Numbers numb, jargon jars, and nobody ever marched on Washington because of a pie chart. Stories get stored. And when you can change the story, you can change the world." — Andy Goodman, a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant in the field of public interest communications.
No warming since 1998? Think all stopped cars are broken down?

Bite'No warming in 15 years' is like arguing your car is broken down because it hasn't moved in the 15 seconds while you stopped at a red light.' — Dana Nuccitelli, an environmental scientist at a private environmental consulting firm in the Sacramento, California area.
No warming since 1998? It's like the tail wagging the dog

Bite'When you focus on just atmospheric heat to measure global warming, it's like tracking the tip of your dog’s tail to determine its location, instead of the body of the dog.' — Greg Laden, biological anthropologist and science communicator.
No such thing as a free lunch

BiteThere is no such thing as a free lunch. If there is, you might get food poisoning.
No single solution, there are millions of solutions

Bite"A million small things got us into this climate crisis, and millions of actions will get us out of it." - Patrick Gonzalez, climate scientist for the National Park Service.
No silver bullet, but plenty of silver buckshot.

Bite"(To truly resolve climate change), there are no silver bullets, only silver buckshot." - Bill McKibben author & Founder of
No longer 'Green vs Gold.'  Now 'Green = Gold'

Bite"There is a great market opportunity for innovation. We going to go from green vs. gold to green = gold."—James Bradfield Moody.
New theory? 1965, Pres. Lyndon Johnson warned about climate change

Bite"This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale through...a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels." - President Lyndon Johnson, special message to Congress, February 8, 1965.
Natural cycle? Even the dinosaurs would disagree

Bite"The last time climate change happened this fast was the Cretaceous (time of the dinosaurs) and the oil was being made then." - Stephanie Carter, park ranger at Crater Lake National Park
NASA: 'We study Earth because it is our only home.'

Bite“We can’t go anywhere if the Kennedy Space Center goes underwater and we don’t know it...It is absolutely critical that we understand Earth’s environment because this is the only place we have to live.” – NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.
More destructive future storms & tornadoes? Don't bet against it.

Category:Extreme Weather
Bite"If you’re a betting person—or the insurance or reinsurance industry—you’d probably go with a prediction of greater frequency and intensity of tornadoes as a result of human-caused climate change.” — Michael Mann, climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University.
Let’s create jobs that will save us, not cook us

Category:Clean Energy
Bite“If public money is going to be spent on energy jobs, it has to be for the jobs that will save us, not cook us.” – author and social activist Naomi Klein.
Let’s build a civilization on dinosaur bones!

BiteUsing oil, coal, & natural gas for our energy is as if someone said, ‘let’s build a civilization on dinosaur bones.’ Somebody else says, ‘dinosaur bones! I am not sure how many of those there are.’ Then someone responds, ‘Oh, Yes! There are lots of them out there. Let’s just do it.’ - Thom...
Let's give our kids a clean and green future!

Bite"Whether the climate is changing or not and whether people are responsible or not, these children deserve a clean and green future. Lets give it to them!" – Dave Finnigan, Founder & Director of Climate Change is Elementary.
Keystone XL? It’s foreign corporations selling dirty crap to China

Bite‘Senator, why do you support this Keystone boondoggle of foreign corporations selling dirty crap to China?’ – Van Jones, co-host of “Crossfire” on CNN
Keep using fossil fuels?  That 'gas tank' will soon be empty

BiteWe burn fossil fuels a million times faster than nature created them. Sooner or later, we will run out. — inspired by Dr. Richard Alley on his PBS special, "Earth: The Operator's Manual."
Join the movement to stop the biggest threat to our planet

Bite'Climate change: the single biggest thing humans have ever done to this planet. One thing must get bigger: our movement to stop it.' — Bill McKibben, environmental author, activist, and founder of
Joe Camel thinks he’s a science expert

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteWould you trust Joe Camel to teach science to your children? Even lifelong smokers don't want Joe near their kids. The tobacco industry pioneered modern disinformation to discredit medical research. Now some "skeptics" use the same tactics to discredit climate science.