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Greatest threat to our planet? The belief someone else will save it

Bite“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan, British polar explorer and environmentalist.
Granddaddy was right: you can make money selling the wind

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Bite"My granddaddy used to say , 'if we could sell the wind, we'd be wealthy.' Well, who ever thought we would be selling the wind!' — Tim Alexander, resident of Roscoe, Texas.
Global Warming paused since 1998?  Paws are for puppies & kittens

Bite‘People ask me: Is there a pause in global warming? My response: paws are for kittens & puppies. Global warming is still increasing.’ - Joshua Willis NASA Climate Scientist
Georgetown, TX: ‘We’re not Al Gore, but our goal: 100% clean energy.’

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Bite"I'm probably the furthest thing from an Al Gore clone you could find. We didn't do this to save the world — We did this to get a competitive rate and reduce the risk for our consumers." – Georgetown, Texas interim City Manager Jim Briggs
Gateway fact: 97% of climate scientists think human-caused climate change is real

Bite“Based on the evidence, more than 97% of climate experts are convinced that human-caused climate change is happening.” – Edward Maibach, Teresa Myers, & Anthony Leiserowitz, of George Mason & Yale Universities.

Free Beer!

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Free Beer!

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BiteThat's about the only thing where you can get scientists to agree. Yet. . .The overwhelming majority of climate scientists accept that climate change is real, happening right now, caused by humans.
Fossil Fuels: increasingly risky investments says Forbes Magazine

Bite'Although they were lucrative, fossil fuels are now increasingly risky investments, and the stakes are too high to maintain a stable climate. A carbon-neutral, and eventually carbon-free, economy is not only possible; it has become imperative.' — Logan Yonavjak, Contributor to Forbes Magazine
Fossil Fuel: not free market, it's free loading market on our health

Bite'Right now it is now a free market. It is a free loading market. The fossil fuel industry is free loading on our health.' — Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of civil & environmental engineering at Stanford University and director of its Atmosphere and Energy Program.
For U.S. military, it's mission reality, not a political debate

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Bite'For US Department of Defense, climate change is a mission reality, not a political debate.' — Mark Wright, a Pentagon spokesperson.
Fly on a spaceship with an overheating air control system?

Bite"The earth itself is a spaceship. We had better keep an eye its air control system." - Roger Revelle, Director of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, 1950-1964.
Facebook & blogging is not enough, we must change and act now

Bite"We can facebook and blog all we want, but we stand no chance to solve (climate change) unless we accept the fact that we have to change." — Larry Lazar, Climate Reality Project Leader and co-founder of Climate Reality-St. Louis Meet Up group.
ExxonMobil supports a revenue neutral carbon tax

Bite"We believe that the risks of climate change warrant action...ExxonMobil believes a revenue-neutral carbon tax would be a more effective policy option than cap-and-trade schemes, regulations, mandates, or standards. A properly designed carbon tax can be predictable, transparent, and comparatively si...
Extreme drought and heat waves are a threat to your freedom.

Bite“Climate change is a threat to our freedoms. If you're a Great Plains rancher or a farmer, your freedom is enormously constrained by the fact that you're in the midst of a two-year severe drought.” - Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication
Every group has the values they need to care about climate change

Bite“There is no tribe yet that lives on any other planet. So, just in that simple fact, we have the values we need to care about our planet.” – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist at Texas Tech University.
Even with A Fever, I can still dance!

BiteSound silly? So is saying, 'Because it is snowing today there cannot be global warming.'
ESPN: ‘Cheering for bad basketball, like cheering for cold in Antarctica.’

Bite“We can point to (NCAA men’s basketball) games and say ‘that was a great game’ or ‘this has been a great tournament’ but that is like denying there is climate change by saying ‘Hey it was cold yesterday in the Antarctic.’”
Earth was warmer before? Yes, go see Jurassic World!

Bite‘People often say: ‘Earth was warmer in the past with carbon dioxide levels higher than today’ Yes, there is a recent movie called Jurassic World. Would you like to go see it?’ – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist and associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University.
Earth was warm before? That's an observation, not an explanation

Bite'Yes, the climate changed before. That's called an observation, but a scientist’s role is to explain why it changed before and now. — Peter Hadfield, retired British journalist and creator of popular science YouTube channel Potholer54,
Drive your car if 97% of mechanics agree your brakes are shot?

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Bite97% of mechanics agree your brakes are shot. 3% say your brakes are fine. You family is inside the car. Who do you listen to?
Drastic climate change is a conservative's worst nightmare

Bite"Under pressure from climate stress even the most robust constitutional democracy may find its character threatened. Faced with more stressful or severe frequent floods, people will become more accustomed to looking to central authority for aid and direction." - Brent Ranalli, writer for Globalist....