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“I’m not a doctor, but I know not to drink arsenic”

Bite“I’m not a doctor, but I know not to drink arsenic.” – climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann responding to the “I am not a scientist” line used by top Republican leaders.
‘We need all hands on deck including nuclear.’ – Dr. James Hansen

Bite“It is wrong to pit renewables against nuclear power. We need all hands on deck. Carbon-fee-and-dividend provides a way to avoid contentious discussion and allow competition.“ – Dr. James Hansen
‘I’m not a scientist, but I can use my brains and talk to one’

Bite“I’m not a scientist either but I can use my brains and I can talk to one.” – former Florida Governor Charlie Crist in July 2014 responding to Florida Gov. Rick Scott's line, “I’m not a scientist.”
‘If government is broken, we’re part of problem & healing process’

Bite“If government is broken, we are part of that brokenness and must engage in healing ourselves too.” – Sam Daley-Harris, Founder of RESULTS and the Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation.
Your job for the rest of your life:   Make the impossible possible

Bite"Anyone who hears this: your job for the rest of your life is to make the impossible possible."—Dave Roberts (Grist).
Your GOP Congressperson won't listen? They don't want to be fired

Bite'Who wants to be fired on Tuesday? To some degree, this is the dilemma for the right of center politicians. If they roll out climate change the wrong way, the next thing they know they receive a climate hero award and an unemployment paycheck.' – Admiral David Titley, Professor of meteorology at Pen...
You don't have to believe in climate change to solve it.

Bite"You don't have to believe in climate change to solve it. Everything we do to raise energy efficiency, will make money, improve security & health, and stabilize climate." - physicist Amory Lovins, chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute.
You cannot adapt to chaos.

Bite"You cannot adapt to chaos." - unknown.
You can be a religious conservative & accept climate science

Bite"What I’m trying to do is convince people that acknowledging climate change doesn’t make you liberal. It makes you literate." – meteorologist Paul Douglas.
Yes, changing a light bulb, as silly as it seems, can make a difference

Bite‘Even changing a light blub, as silly as it seems, is enough to change something up in our minds to make us do more to reduce the threat of climate change.’ – Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist at Texas Tech University.
Would you let space aliens damage our planet?

Category:Human Causality
BiteIf aliens came and damaged our planet, would you declare them 'persons' and give them money, or would you mobilize to fight them?
Would you eat a mushroom that 97% of experts say is poisonous?

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteIf 97% of experts say a mushroom is poisonous but 3% say it is safe, would you feed it to your kids?
Would you drive on a bridge 97% of engineers agree will collapse?

Category:Who to Believe?
Bite97% of engineers agree bridge ahead will collapse. 3% say not to worry. Would you keep driving?
Would you believe a detective who pins murder on a ghost?

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteSuppose you saw a dead body in a crime scene. Would you believe a police detective who says, 'A ghost did it!' when there's evidence everywhere that a particular person committed the crime?
Would you argue with your doctor over a heart condition?

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteSome people say ‘When you are sure about climate change, then we will do something about it.’ Suppose your doctor says ‘Well, I am very concerned about your heart condition. I think you should be on a low cholesterol diet and exercise.’ Would anybody say to their doctor ‘If you can't tell me pre...
Why do some people reject climate change? They can’t see the problem

Bite‘If someone has a certain worldview that does not allow them to see the facts of climate change, then they just won’t see it.’ – George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley.
Which number is bigger: a $30 carbon tax or $200 in health benefits?

Bite‘Ask your Congressperson: Which number is bigger: $30 a ton carbon tax or $200 in health benefits from avoided mortality and hospitalizations from every ton of CO2 that you remove.’ – Dr. Jonathan Patz, Director of the Global Health Institute.
Weather you see from your window, climate you see from a satellite

Bite‘Weather is what you see outside your window, climate is what you see from a satellite.’ – Scott Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences at Suffolk County Community College, New York.
Weather is your mood and climate is your personality

Bite"Weather is your mood and climate is your personality." — Dr. Marshall Shepherd, President of the American Meteorological Society
We should tax what we burn, not what we earn

Bite"I have long supported a sharp reduction in payroll taxes, with the differences made up in CO2 taxes. We should tax what we burn, not what we earn." - Al Gore