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The world is waiting for a ‘Yes’ from America

Bite“Do we really believe in America is an exceptional nation and do we think we can really solve this challenge of climate change? The rest of the world is waiting for a 'Yes' from us.” – former Representative Bob Inglis.
The World depends up a 'Yes' from us

Bite"After the final no there comes a yes. And on that yes the future world depends." – poet Wallace Stevens
The smart money is on climate change, not Donald Trump’s absurdity

Bite“The smart money is already moving on climate change. Donald Trump is apparently part of that smart money (wanting build a sea wall to protect his Irish golf course from climate change), but he tells the crowds (what they want to hear), amplifying what they are hearing from other sources.” – former ...
The most powerful tool: Eternal optimism joined with loving action

Bite“Eternal optimism joined with loving action is the most powerful tool I own.” – Julia Butterfly Hill, American environmental activist.
The most effective and memorable request to your congressperson

Bite“Rep. Cantor, we need you to promise us that you won’t leave office until Congress has solved the climate crisis.” — Elli Sparks, Citizens Climate Lobby group leader for Richmond, VA.
The greenhouse effect isn’t rocket science

Bite‘The science behind the greenhouse effect was simple enough to have been widely understood by the mid 19th century, when the light bulb and the telephone and the automobile where being invented – and not the atomic bomb or the iPhone or the space shuttle. The greenhouse effect isn’t rock science.’ ...
The Google business plan: fully invest in renewable & green energy

Category:Clean Energy
Bite“While fossil-based prices are on a cost curve that goes up, renewable prices are on this march downward,” said Rick Needham, Google Director of Energy and Sustainability.
The danger is not to the planet but our civilization

Bite‘The danger is not to the planet but to our civilization on the planet. This is the real challenge of climate change.’ – Adam Frank, writer for National Public Radio.
The best job creators: clean energy & energy efficiency companies

Category:Clean Energy
Bite‘Clean energy and energy efficiency companies are growing faster than any other sector. They are job creators. I cannot emphasize that strongly enough.’ – John Kerry, Secretary of State.
The best Christmas gift: Go solar!

Category:Clean Energy
Bite"This past month, I spent more beer & pistachios than I did on gas & electric. And I am not a big drinker. It’s amazing how much (solar) cuts down on your bills and how economical it is to install.” – Jim Stroup, St. Louis, Missouri area resident who recently installed solar panels on his house.
The best bipartisan climate solution: a revenue neutral carbon tax

Bite‘The best way to get bipartisan action on climate change is through a revenue neutral carbon tax.’ — Yoman Bauman, Stand Up Economist.
Tax carbon! Can restaurants throw their thrash into the street?

BiteFossil fuel industry is the only industry on earth throwing its waste out for free. If you run a restaurant, you have to pay someone to cart away your garbage. - inspired by Bill McKibben
Still wearing those 1970s outdated disco clothes?

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteJust as bad as wearing outdated disco clothes is believing this outdated idea: 'scientists still disagree if humans are causing climate change.'
Stewardship just requires action, not optimism or pessimism

Bite'(Taking action on climate change), it's not a matter of being optimistic or pessimistic. It's something that just has to be done.' — Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Solutions! The exact opposite of farting at a cocktail party

Bite'Society conspires to suppress the discussion of climate change. Someone once said that talking about climate change is like flatulence at a cocktail party.' – Dan Miller, clean technology venture capitalist and climate speaker.
Small Antarctic sea ice gain overlooks total sea ice loss

Bite‘Looking at sea ice and not total ice is like your high school football team winning their game, but your NFL team loses the Super Bowl.’ — Ted Scambos, Glaciologist at University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center.
Skeptical of climate change?  So am I!

BiteI am skeptical we can keep burning fossil fuels with a business as usual mentality without harming the planet.
Send your kids down the bunny slope?  Or a ♦ ♦ ♦  run?

BiteWant your kids skiing down the bunny slope or the triple black diamond expert slope? This is our choice for reducing our global carbon emissions.
Scientists: The last people on Earth capable of a conspiracy

Bite“The last people on the planet capable of a conspiracy are scientists. Their entire career is spent trying to prove the other guy is wrong.” – Dr. Bruce Wielicki, senior Earth Scientist for NASA.
Scientists & non scientists: Don't leave your citizenship at the door

Bite"Just because we scientists have Ph.D.'s we should not hang up our citizenship at the door of a public meeting." – Dr. Steve Schneider (1945-2010) climate scientist at Stanford University.