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Geoengineering, carbon offsets and other "solutions" that many climate scientists reject as unfeasible, ineffective, or extremely risky.

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Better to adapt than mitigate?   And keep smoking?

BiteBetter to adapt than mitigate? This is like saying 'It's better to smoke, get cancer, then spend years in chemo- and radiotherapy, than to simply quit smoking and get healthy.'
'Clean Coal'; a breakthrough —in marketing?

Bite" 'Clean coal' represents a breakthrough —in the marketing of coal. But it does not represent a breakthrough in the burning of coal." —Van Jones
Like pushing food around your plate...

Bite"Carbon offsets...are like pushing your food around your plate to give the impression you've eaten it."
Are we sufficiently talented to manage Earth's balance?

Bite"Before we start geoengineering we have to raise the following question: are we sufficiently talented to take on what might become the onerous permanent task of keeping the Earth in homeostasis?" —James Lovelock
Geoengineering:   Is heart surgery better than a good diet?

Bite“Is heart surgery preferable to a good diet? Of course not. Let’s go for the good diet.”—Bill Gates, on geoengineering.
Keystone XL? It’s foreign corporations selling dirty crap to China

Bite‘Senator, why do you support this Keystone boondoggle of foreign corporations selling dirty crap to China?’ – Van Jones, co-host of “Crossfire” on CNN
'Clean coal: as useful as a porous condom' – comedian Robin Williams

Bite'Clean coal is a bit like a porous condom: at least the intention was good.' – comedian Robin Williams.