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John Russellby

I've heard this historical fact being used by those in denial to suggest we should always move forwards, not backwards (for example, backwards to windmills). Glad to see it being rescued!

Tom Smerlingby

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as a %, more whalers in 1857 than coal miners today
Interesting indeed! If the above numbers are correct, then as a percentage of the total population, at the time of "peak whaling" in 1857, more Americans were employed in whaling than are employed in coal mining today.

Today's U.S. population is almost exactly 10 times greater than in 1857.

Population in 1860 census: 31,443,000
Population in 2010 census: 313,539,000

10,000 whalers / 31,443,000 total = 0.000318%
80,000 coal miners /313,539,000 = 0.000255%

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