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Great bite, but how can I slam on these brakes real fast?
Great job posting Scott Mandia. He seems to have lots of great analogies or "soundbites" about climate change that just roll off his tongue. I really admire all of his efforts so thanks for posting this.

My husband and I are misnitry partners and have co-pastored a few children's ministries since we got married. At our first church we had an annual event called Powerweek. On the last night we wanted to do something fun to involve the parents so we had a Family Olympics night. The night consisted of a bunch of crazy games, one of which included, passing water balloons that had been coated in vegetable oil. We had a kid pool full of vegetable oil where the water balloons marinated' before the game. The game was great and disgusting and let us a step closer to awarding our gold medals to the winning family. At the end of the night we were exhausted and just dumped out the pool in front of the fellowship hall.The flood of vegetable oil ran off the grass and soaked into the pavement in the parking lot. It created a HUGE oil spot bigger than our poor 95 Nissan Sentra. You can imagine the meetings we were called to! For weeks we had to park over the spot on Sunday at the request of the leadership to cover this eye sore.We attempted to clean it up with huge bags of cat litter, soap, water, special chemicals from cleaning companies nothing worked. They eventually had to have the entire 200+car parking lot resurfaced and to this day it still looks like slightly different color than the surrounding pavement!We can always be certain that we left our mark' on the church!

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