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Cute, but...
This is cute and it would work well in a humorous, jokey context, or as a throw away line. I, personally, wouldn't make much of it because it opens a door to 'climate change is as real as Santa Claus'.

I think you are being too critical of this bite
Thanks for reviewing this bite, but I disagree with you. No, I would not use this metaphor at a Heartland Institute presentation or with most hard core skeptics, but it may work with some undecided and open minded folks. I would encourage you to watch the Scott Mandia presentation,, because I thought he used the analogy quite effectively. It grabbed my attention and I thought it was very cute. Keep in mind there are still some adults who still want to believe in Santa Claus. It's kind of a tradition at least in America to pretend he is real and continue the myth. Watch any news program on Christmas Eve where they chart his progress, even NASA has picked up on this in recent years. For me, it is quite jarring that climate change could have jarring impacts even on fictional characters. The Arctic melting could force society to change a long standing myth about Santa Claus living at the North Pole.

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