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Joe Camel thinks he’s a science expert

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BiteWould you trust Joe Camel to teach science to your children? Even lifelong smokers don't want Joe near their kids. The tobacco industry pioneered modern disinformation to discredit medical research. Now some "skeptics" use the same tactics to discredit climate science.
Psst...Want to get super rich and famous?

BiteIf you can find a way to scientifically debunk climate change, you can be rich and famous. Just beware that many scientists before you have tried. . . and failed.
Insurance companies don't care if you believe in AGW.

Category:Extreme Weather
Bite"Insurance companies don’t care if you believe in climate change or not: Your premiums are going up anyhow...home insurance premiums are going up across the board in response to the record number of tornadoes, floods, fires, blizzards and other heavy weather that hit the country in 2011."—Dean Kuipe...
Do you cheer for baseball players who always strike out?

Category:Who to Believe?
BiteDo you root for baseball players with lifetime .000 batting averages? This is like listening to the rare scientists who reject climate change science. Their work has been thoroughly discredited by the global scientific community.
When in doubt, ask... the Roman Catholic Church!

Category:Who to Believe?
Bite"At its core, global climate change is not about economic theory or political platforms, nor about partisan advantage or interest group pressures. It is about the future of God’s creation and the one human family.” — U.S. Bishops
"Believe" in it?   No.  It's about evidence, not belief.

Bite"People ask me if I believe in global warming. I tell them, 'No, I don't,' because belief is faith; faith is the evidence of things not seen. Science is evidence of things seen. To have an open mind, we have to use the brains that God gave us to look at the science."—Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.
"We depend on the natural world... for our very sanity"

Bite"We are dependent on the natural world for the very air we breathe and every particle of food we eat. Many people, including me, would say we are dependent on it for our very sanity." — Sir David Attenborough
When in doubt, ask... your insurance company!

Category:Who to Believe?
Bite“The prospect of extreme climate change and its potentially devastating economic and social consequences are of great concern to the insurance industry.” — Kyoto Statement of The Geneva Association, 29th May, 2009
Galileo Gambit:  "They also laughed at Bozo the Clown."

Category:Who to Believe?
Bite"The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."—Carl Sagan
Would you argue with your doctor over a heart condition?

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BiteSome people say ‘When you are sure about climate change, then we will do something about it.’ Suppose your doctor says ‘Well, I am very concerned about your heart condition. I think you should be on a low cholesterol diet and exercise.’ Would anybody say to their doctor ‘If you can't tell me pre...
You can find someone to say whatever you want to hear.

Bite"We desperately want to believe that big problems are overblown or nonexistent. Whenever a group of people 'desperately wants to believe' something, there will always be someone willing to tell them what they want to hear, whether the opportunists are charlatans or simply nutjobs."