Telling the Climate Story -- Alternative Narratives

We all understand the world through stories.  When telling the climate story, you can choose from a variety of broad narratives frameworks -- aka narratives, frames, or storylines.    Once you've woven together your themes, you can drive key points home with a pithy anecdotes.

Listeners will likely remember the stories you tell -- hopefully, the overarching narrative, but certainly your pithiest anecdote -- far longer than anything else you say.

There are many different ways to "tell the climate story."  Though they arrive at similar conclusions, alternative climate narratives may have different starting points, as well as different narrators, characters, and plots.  

Which storyline is most effective?   It depends on the audience -- and who is speaking.

We've identified more than twenty-five -- and counting -- different ways to talk about climate change and solutions.   Most are not mutually exclusive; almost all communicators weave together several of these "sub-plots" into their presentation.

The key is understanding the range of possibilities, becoming aware of which storyline(s) you are already using, and making conscious choices about which storylines to weave together for a given audience.

[In progress:   A brief summary of each narrative, with links to full presentations based on it.]