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Weather Channel: 21 of 25 top US corporations accept climate reality

In this 1-minute clip — from the Weather Channel’s excellent Earth Watch series — meteorologist Carl Parker takes on the conspiracy narrative, which views climate change science as a bizarre plot to topple capitalism.    Parker says

“There are problems with that narrative, and one is that major corporations, the core of our market-based economy, don’t agree.

Parker checked out the official positions of the 25-largest U.S. corporations and found, Continue reading

Climate change narratives
“Unusual suspects” take a stand

One of the most encouraging trends in climate communication is the growing diversity of voices who accept the reality of climate change.    Some  “unusual suspects” publicly call for action, like the military personnel in this short video by Peter Sinclair.    Others quietly bet on climate change in their portfolios  and strategic plans.    A partial list of “unusual suspects” includes: Continue reading