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Climate Communication Soundbites & Metaphors

Like half the planet, I love Angry Birds. Apart from the intricate challenges of figuring out trajectories and new strategies, the game taps into a brutal and primal delight in the fierce battle for survival. Share on TwitterShare on Facebook

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Climate Communication Narratives

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a bubble. Actually, we all live in our own custom-made bubbles that are shaped by our life experience and our education. The world in my bubble is different from the world in your … Continue reading

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Climate Communication Tips

I’ve been haunted for years by that question, posed by Andy Revkin in the title of a 2007 NY Times Blog Post. One wonders sometimes.   In the face of a well-funded disinformation campaign, ideologically-driven denial, the scope of the … Continue reading

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Climate Communication Tips

Every time I write for my blog, Simple Climate, I fight a contradiction in terms.  Climate science is far from simple.   I’m no expert but, as a science journalist,  I try to explain the latest climate research to the broadest … Continue reading

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