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Climate Communication Tips

African lions on the hunt prowl the edge of a herd, single out one buffalo, then hunt as a pack to separate the individual from the herd and bring it down.   In The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, … Continue reading

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Climate Change Graphics & Video

Guest post by ClimateBites contributing author John Russell.   In November 2011 Dana N. at Skeptical Science produced this striking animated graph called ‘The Escalator.’   The graph clearly demonstrates how critics cherry-pick short periods of time to convince themselves that … Continue reading

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Climate Communication Tips

We have to address the fears.     That is my #1 take away climate communication message from the AGU meeting in San Francisco. For many skeptics, resistance to accepting climate science stems primarily from fear, not ignorance or misinformation.    … Continue reading

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Climate 'Skeptic' Rebuttals

Uh oh.   Did you know that your efforts to correct climate misinformation could be backfiring?   That you may be inadvertently be reinforcing the very myths you seek to dislodge? For a quick self-check, download this short guide, The … Continue reading

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