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Last week at the Climate Reality Leadership Training in San Francisco, storytelling guru Andy Goodman led a spellbinding session on the importance of “changing the story.”    Goodman described research that confirmed what many of us have experienced:  in a public … Continue reading

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Like half the planet, I love Angry Birds. Apart from the intricate challenges of figuring out trajectories and new strategies, the game taps into a brutal and primal delight in the fierce battle for survival.

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“Even if you have reams of evidence on your side, remember:  numbers numb, jargon jars, and nobody ever marched on Washington because of a pie chart.   If you want to connect with your audience, tell a story.” “While we will … Continue reading

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Persuasive and memorable climate communicators weave their facts into a compelling story,  aka narrative.    As Dr. Drew Westen, author of “The Political Brain,”  said in an Aug 6 New York Times op-ed:  “The stories our leaders tell us matter, probably almost … Continue reading

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